Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome to my Flog Golb...

I found myself filling up a Word document with tips, instruction, swing thoughts, etc. on the elusive subject of playing golf. Like most golfers, I've picked up various tidbits in my relatively short time pursuing this incredible, painful golfing hobby (now just over a year); some of those morsels of advice have panned out and some haven't. Some of those tidbits came from magazines, books, youtube (lots of good and bad there), golf buddies, television, and so on. I haven't yet had a formal lesson, though that may change soon.

A golfing tidbit that pans out is one that keeps working on subsequent trips to the golf course (I won't discuss the driving range, because that place never predicts how I'll play on the course that day). Ironically, I've found that MOST fundamentals in golf hold true; most fundamentals that hold true are the ones trumpeted by many reputable instructors of the game. Some, however, turn out to be myths…or at least, not applicable to my golf swing. And golf instruction is full of contradictions and disagreements, because there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Even this blog will, eventually, feature contradictions in golfing theory, as I'm on a journey myself; what is acceptable today may not be acceptable tomorrow.

This blog is a place to keep these notes, so that I can stop using that Word document. Therefore, the ultimate purpose isn't to debate these ideas, tips, fundamentals, and so on with others, because this "notebook" of mine will change over time (i.e., posts on the downswing may be edited as my knowledge and experience in the game evolves). But maybe these posts will help you too. Maybe they won't. I'm not a PGA instructor, obviously. At any rate, it will create a place to discuss some of the ideas I put in here with other players. Maybe we'll all learn something from each other.

Where am I in terms of golfing skill level? Still a high handicapper - 24. I have broken 100 several times now and I've shot 94 once (and that score isn't recent--I just got lucky that day). Typically, however, I shoot right around 100, give or take. My goal this year is to break 90 for the first time; I feel that is a realistic goal.

Along these same lines, I plan to use this blog to post about golf in general, to include courses I visit, pros I admire (or despise), and so on. I hope you enjoy it.

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