Saturday, January 14, 2012

Tempo and Rhythm

It matters!! For full swings, try using a 4/4 meter (rhythm) at a moderate tempo—use same tempo for ALL clubs. Count "1-2-3-4" where the backswing begins at the first "1," the top of the swing is "3," and the weight shift and impact occurs at the "4" (3:1 backswing-to-downswing ratio -- just like the pros). Begin counting the rhythm during practice swings, address, and the waggle using the same steady tempo, and then continue counting until the swing is over. It's possible to use a 6/8 rhythm, but this is a slower rhythm and will result in less distance.

For putts/chips/small pitch shots, use a 2/4 meter at a slow-medium tempo (like a pendulum); count "1-2" or "tick-tock," where the 1 or "tick" is back and 2 or "tock" is through. In all cases, begin counting during practice strokes and continue counting past impact.

Counting before and after reinforces the idea that you're catching a continuum of movement that's already in motion.

Count silently 1 – 2 – 3 – Shift – 2 – 3. You should arrive at the top of your back swing on 3 and begin your downswing on Shift (which reminds you to start the downswing with the transfer of weight towards the target thru the left hip verses the arms tugging down first). You should arrive at your finish position on the final 3 of the count. This tip will serve you well on the golf course and bring more consistency to your shot results. The other benefit to the tempo count during your swing is it keeps your conscious mind occupied so you can’t think about technique. Remember to play golf not play golf swing.

[From Tempo | DA's Golf Learning Center]

By keeping a count in your head, you will be able to tune out all of the other swing thoughts that may be lurking. One other benefit that competitive golfers will see, is the additional ability to focus.

Many golfers feel pressure during tournament play. By keeping a count in their head, they can tune out all of the white noise that can litter one`s head during competitive golf.

[From Tempo is key to golf consistency - Fort Morgan Times]


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