Sunday, August 19, 2012

Aim Putts at Spot 6 Inches Away

I've found this to be the best way to get the putt rolling on the correct line. After standing behind the ball to choose your line, pick a spot on that line about six inches in front of the ball and keep staring at it as you address the ball. Align the putter head so that it's pointing to that spot.

In order program the distance in your mind, take a look at the hole (or breaking point) and then back at the spot. Now, using the correct stroke length for that distance, roll the ball over the spot that's six inches away. If you read the break correctly, you should come very close to the hole or even nail the putt!

Dave says not to look at the ball when you putt, but rather to pick a spot a couple of inches in front of the ball, right on the putting line you have chosen. Then when you make your stroke, simply focus on rolling the ball right over that spot.

Weekend Tip: Don't look at the ball when you putt: The Instruction Blog: Golf Digest


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