Thursday, June 21, 2012

Putting: Allow Putter Head to Close

We all know there are two types of putting styles: straight back & through and arcing (i.e., the putter head opens going back and closes coming through). But what happens when you blend the two as I have for so long (i.e., arc back and try to go straight through). Well, I can tell you. Most of my putts have consistently missed right, because this hybrid putting method causes sliced putts.

Today, I started allowing the putter head to close going through and I actually hit straight putts with good distance control. I also discovered that this put more zip on my putts, which helped me reduce my lower body movement. My best putting style appears to be arcing--with a putter face that slightly opens going back and closes going through. This style is best for long distances, as it adds some zip; straight back and through might be more appropriate for medium to short putts.



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